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Stormtrooper Optometrists Deploy Against Worldwide Myopia

For almost two years now a global network of rogue optometrists has been working away in underground hideouts and urban safe houses building a portable optometry device specifically designed to permanently break the worldwide epidemic of viral ocular myopathy.Dismayed at the rising rates of infection and insidious nature of a disease that widely impairs a human host’s ability to see the world clearly and somehow spreads between people, the identification and theory of transmission was first presented More

Danger! Danger!

Be afraid, be very afraid. Where is the warning label? I checked under the hood, inside the glove compartment, in all the nooks and crannies. Not even the smallest Ikea-esq symbol-glyph inked in anywhere. More

Reading List

I consume books. When I was a kid I was routinely in trouble for pretending to go to bed only to be caught reading under the covers with a flash light. This balanced out the trouble I got into climbing trees and throwing my barbie dolls off the roof with little parachutes.Maybe it's my old Army self --my commanders always had reading lists for their staffs and the Army keeps universal reading lists for officers. Or maybe it's that six grade summer reading contest I still regret loosing. Amazon's Jeff Bezos holds book clubs with his executives and actually makes people write out their ideas. Crazy. More