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Disaster Close to Home

It’s what I call the mud season here in the Pacific Northwest. Just last week officials were reporting that this has been our third wettest March on record, with three days of over an inch of rain. It’s a lot of water even for us.Rain means landslides. The geology of this place is one of steep slopes and mountain sized sandy gravel piles left behind by retreating glaciers, and dynamic river systems that like to jump their banks and go wandering across their valleys in the spring.We know landslides here. More

The Myth of Disaster Recovery

In October of 2012 I watched as Hurricane Sandy transformed itself into a peculiar super storm and rolled its way over the east coast. Thirteen states and something close to one fifth of all Americans were impacted by that one storm event. At my corporation, over 11% of our global workforce and two subsidiary headquarters were affected.I’ve been following Sandy ever since.Every few months I check in to see how the recovery is going. More

Curiosity Never Killed the Cat

Not individually anyway. It’s just the coded plea of frazzled parents everywhere, desperate to get the legion of kids like us to stop getting into things and asking why all the time. I’m proof enough it’s not true.I’ll take a curious person over a certain one most days. Unless there’s high-level explosives involved, then the certain person really is the better choice. But really, I like the brains of curious people. They see the world around them. More